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Zero Projects 2009

In 2009 Sanctum Theatre presented 5 seasons of 3 shows over 8 months in every day spaces – a vacant lot, the artist’s house and a burnt out factory…


Wealth of Nations

“…it looks like a decadent night of bands and performers, rather than a discussion place for economic theories…” Mark Hawthorn, Trading Room, The age

Enter the carnival of democracy.

Ride the roller-coaster of free trade.

And prepare for an evening of exuberant exchange.

In 2009 Sanctum Theatre and Fenestra Productions celebrated the 233rd anniversary of Adam Smith’s seminal work, Wealth of Nations.

The ship may be sinking, the invisible hand may have lost its grip on the invisible wheel, but there is an alternative!

Audience members exchanged their Australian dollars for peanuts in order to trade it in the Wealth of Nations marketplace.



A woman is bound by love to care for a man trapped by his body.

Once upon a time a shape-shifting crow visited their home.

If you grew wings would you fly away?

An uplifting backyard tale.

Directed by Colleen Bourke.

Starring Colleen Bourke, Lachlan Plain, Dave Houston, Louis O’Dwyer and Iris Radovic.

Music by Jon Drews and Kirri Buchler.

Film by Justin Powell.

Photos by Steve Mushin.

bower: family portrait

Sanctum Theatre invites you to the annual general meeting of the R.S.P.F.C.L.B.M. (the Royal Society for the Protection and Furtherance of the Culture and Livelihood of the Bird-headed Minority).

bower raises awareness of the plight of bird-folk world-wide and provides a rare opportunity to witness firsthand the secretive rites of these ancient people.

Staged in a burnt-out factory in Brunswick as part of the Zero Projects 2009.

Starring Tim Denton, Annie Forbes, Colleen Burke, Jasmine Powell, Aviva Endean, Jon Drews, Lachlan Plain, Stella Gray, Will Tate and Bill Breherton.

Installations by Lachlan Plain, Iris Radovic and Sarah Barrow.

Photos by Steve Mushin.