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Life is a Carousel theatre


The road to the Tree of Life is long and treacherous, and the forest is littered with the remains of unfortunate travelers…Life is a Carousel is a chaotic whirlwind of psychotic mayhem, a grotesquery of improbable creatures and their efforts to make sense of a senseless world.

Life is a Carousel premiered to a sold out season at the Melbourne International Festival of Puppetry, La Mama Theatre, Carlton, Melbourne, 2017.



Presented by Sanctum Theatre and Magic Lantern Studio

Devised and Directed by Gonzalo Varela and Lachlan Plain

Puppeteers & Performers: Lachlan Plain, Gonzalo Varela, Julian Chapple & Phil Woodward

Set Design by Gonzalo Varela Puppets by Gonzalo Varela and Lachlan Plain Music by Pedro Fuentes

Dramaturged by John-Paul Hussey

Created with the support of Voodoo Productions

Film by Lachlan Plain

Photos by Magic Lantern Studios and Darren Gill