Lachlan Plain Studios

Since studying puppetry at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2005 I have made puppets for Sanctum Theatre’s productions, such as Lament: candles & compost (2006), The Plains: a play (2008) and the ferryman and his wife (2010), as well as touring puppet shows and roving acts to festivals around Victoria. In that time I have also worked extensively for the Snuff Puppets, performing, building and directing People Puppet Projects in Australia, Chille, Brazil, Sweden, Denmark, South Korea and Thailand. I have also puppeteered and made puppets for the Bunjilaka Centre at the Melbourne Museum, the Doha Asian Games, Tarpit Productions, Kirsten Von Bibra and two Visionary Award Winning Melbourne Fringe Shows (2004 & 2005).

Please note: Whilst I have designed all the puppets pictured here, many of them are collaborations. For instance the marionette faces  were sculpted by Michael Camilleri, they were costumed by Michelle Gordon and they were phtographed by Steve Mushin. The bird masks were made by myself, Rachael Guye, Iris Radovic and Sabrina D’Angelo. Otto Learns Learns to Fly  was developed in collaboration with Gonzalo Varela of Magic Lantern Studio. And the giant Tongan gods were made by the the APAN (Australian Pacific Arts Network) community.

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