Lachlan Plain Studios

Life on Planet Daisyworld is a 10 x 30m street mural in Fitzroy, Melbourne. It features several fetuses floating in outer space wearing deep sea diving suits with their umbilical cords winding back to the Earth. It was inspired by James Lovelock’s Gaia Theory which posits that the biosphere of the earth is a living organism, defining ‘living organism’ as an entity capable of maintaining the circumstances necessary for its own survival, ie: a steady body temperature. Planet Daisyworld is painted on private property and was funded by the City of Yarra and the Department of Justice.

Some photos taken by Kim Lee and some by the artist.

Daisyworld_wLeeKS_7.jpg Daisyworld4.jpg Daisyworld_wLeeKS_4.jpg Daisyworld_wLeeKS_5.jpg Daisyworld_wLeeKS_3.jpg Daisyworld2.jpg DaisyworldDesign3.jpg DaisyworldDesign2.jpg DaisyworldDesign1.jpg