Lachlan Plain Studios

Included in this folio are preliminary sketches for set and puppet designs, primarily for Sanctum Theatre productions. One of the sketches made for The Plains: a play (2007) was used on the cover the American edition of Gerald Murnane’s Barley Patch (2012).

The other illustrations have been commissioned by The Dreaming Space, Sustainable Gardening Australia and Bulleen Art & Garden.

KaZaam.jpg Birdseye_web.jpg microcosmos_web.jpg MHW_Night_web_cropped.jpg Horsham_Design_2_web.jpg Horsham_Design_1_web.jpg theauthors11.jpg theauthors1.jpg theplains4.jpg theplains3.jpg theplains2.jpg theplains1.jpg thebailey1.jpg water-wizard.jpg Soles_Bared_email_and_web.jpg MHW_Flier_A4_print.jpg