Lachlan Plain Studios

In 2017 Sanctum Theatre collaborated with Magic Lantern Studio to create seven giant bugs for Melbourne Museum – four bees, a bombardier beetle, an orchid mantis and a dragonfly. These bugs were joined by a redback spider, jewel wasp and cockroach, created by a blanck canvas. Together they descended on the city to promote Bug Lab, an immersive exhibition presented by Weta Workshop and Te Papa Museum.

Puppet builders – Lachlan Plain, Gonzalo Varela, Phil Woodward, Nick Wilson and Danny Miller.

Puppeteers – Lachlan Plain, Gonzalo Varela, Phil Woodward, Danny Miller, Brendan Murphy, Daniel Mounsey, Jhess Knight, Jonathan Macmillan, Daniell Flood, Stephan Hisler, Aiden Min, Stephin Mushin, Lachlan MacCloud and Bao Gislain.

Puppets created in the Voodoo Productions studios.

3.jpg 19113756_10211326168004270_8404476390010106623_n.jpg 19105725_10211326166324228_3149211842120763327_n.jpg 19060147_10211326165444206_3409109438201512338_n.jpg 8.jpg Melbourne-Museum-Lab-Bug-6.jpg DSC_0319.jpg