Lachlan Plain Studios

I have worked at Bulleen Art & Garden since 1997. I have painted several murals there, some of them in collaboration with Jody Barakat. I have also created two fibreglass sculptures for the entrance, Rose the Turtle (2010) (with Colleen Burke) and Still Life with Fruit (2013). The Final Voyage of Pedro Piscator (2012), a 5 x 11m mural, was described by Jason Smith, CEO of Heide, as. ‘On the one hand whimsical, but with a darker side…ambitious and thought provoking.’

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SR015879.jpg Rose-The-Turtle1.jpg RoseTheTurtle3.jpg SimoneWokeoneMorning.jpg YellowMural.jpg frontfence.jpg 2017-06-07-14.18.59-1.jpg fruit_bowl_hanging.jpg Fruit-Bowl.jpg Big_Tree_Mural.jpg